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Cost effective - Mini Digger Hire Wigan, Leigh, Bolton, Chester, Wirral, Merseyside.

Rent This - JCB mini digger - Small enough to fit through a doorway but powerful enough to do the work of ten men!

- Under New Ownership - Now renting in more locations including Liverpool, Leigh and Wigan

Help - I have never driven or rented a mini digger before and I have questions and need assistance?

No Problem, we can help by answering your questions and by providing driving instructions when the digger is delivered.  Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below:



NEW - Video Links

Link to YouTube video of the digger being used to spread stones on a long driveway in West Kirby, Wirral.

Link to YouTube video of the digger being used to dig out an entire front garden in Chester, Cheshire, UK.

This mini-digger is ideal for tight access, it incorporates expandable tracks that can be moved inwards to allow access through a standard doorway.

This micro digger is just 70 cm wide and with the roll cage folded down it is just 192 cm high (230 cm with it up.  It is designed to fit through a standard door frame.

NEW - This Month

Rent This - JCB HTD5 Tracked Dumper capable of carrying half a ton of soil or concrete. Can raise a full load up to the height of a standard skip to aid loading.







NEW - This Month

Rent This - JCB HM25 Diesel Powered hydraulic breaker. Quite simply the most powerful hand-held breaker available. Ideal for breaking up driveways before digging the rubble into a skip.


JCB Specifications

Download JCB8008 Brochure

Download JCB8008 Case Studies

Download JCB8008 Specification

Download JCB HTD5 Tracked High Tip Dumper Specification

  • Class-leading 9.2Kw engine plus class-leading dig-depth and reach.
  • Tubular Boom keeps weight down and provides protection for hoses.
  • Extending undercarriage from 700mm to 865mm for excellent stability
  • Small enough to fit through standard doorway plus access restricted rear gardens.

Cost effective - Mini Digger Hire Cheshire, Chester, Wirral, Merseyside and North Wales

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your prices compare with your competitors?

A. We aim to be the cheapest option locally; we make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible. We are a small company so we can keep our overheads down and offer the most competitive package price. The price you see is the price you pay and we do not ask for a large deposit. We are not VAT registered so you get an instant 20% saving. Please check out our menu pricing structure that is designed so that you can calculate the final price before you order, there are no hidden charges, we include the hire, delivery, collection and diesel usage. The cheapest option is to rent during the week since we offer special deals for multiple weekdays.

When comparing quotations please make sure you compare the package price which should include delivery, collection, rental, fuel, deposit requirements, VAT and any additional charges. We offer a fixed package price from our menu pricing structure and we do not charge VAT.

The price you see is the price you pay.

Q. I have never rented a mini digger before, do you have some advice if it is suitable for me?

A. Yes, most of our clients are your typical homeowner with a small to medium project such as removing a large hedge or digging footings for a new conservatory or patio. The micro-digger allows people to get a digger down the side of a house whereas ten years ago it would have taken a team of people to dig out by hand.

Typical rental is as follows:

The customer will view the website to determine the equipment they require and if the dates that are available. The customer will often measure the access to make sure there is room for the digger.

An order will then be placed online detailing all the requirements. Rent This Digger will respond within a couple of hours confirming receipt of the order and clarifying any details. If the client has any questions these are typically discussed over email or phone at this stage.  A delivery date is set and is typically the evening before. On the evening of the delivery it is best if you can clear the driveway of cars, pets, relatives and anything else that may get in the way of the large Land Rover and trailer. Upon delivery you will be asked to briefly describe the job so we can assess any potentially dangerous obstacles and you will be asked to fill in a form that has your credit card details and records the details of the proof of address you have provided for the rental. We will typically take a copy of your driving licence. The digger and or additional items will be offloaded from the trailer and a short familiarisation course will be provided. The manuals are available upon request and digger driving tips are located on the rear of the documentation which we advise you read. The digger will be collected on the evening of the final day so please clean off thick mud and hose down the machine prior to collection. The machine will be inspected for damage prior to being removed.

During the rental period you are responsible for damage and theft of the machine and most people do not have a problem. The machine can often be stored safely around the back of the house or the roll cage can be dropped so it can go inside a garage. The only major damage that could occur is if the machine were to go over on its side and this can be avoided by only crossing steep slopes head on as detailed in the driving instructions. 

Most customers learn the controls very quickly so anyone with a driving licence will be able to use the machine. Take care to make sure all children and pets are well away from the machine. During the training period you will find it much easier to learn the machine if the reves are very low and you are well away from any structures. Operating close to a house or wall is typically when damage occurs.

Q. Do I need the JCB Tracked Dumper?

A. If you are getting a skip and it is more than a meter or two from where you are working then we have to say YES, JCB did some research and they calculated it is 20 times more efficient than using a traditional wheelbarrow and once you have used it, you have to agree with them! Imagine a wheel barrow that can hold half a ton and you don't have to lift or push yourself. It has two speed tracking and is just 700 mm wide so can go anywhere the digger can go.

Q. Do I need the JCB Hydraulic Breaker?

A. Up to you however, If you are planning to break up some concrete it is often thicker than you expect. Even a garden path can be three of four inches which is miserable with a pick axe. The hydraulic breaker is brand new; diesel powered and has long hoses so the noise and fumes are a long way from where you are working. This is one of our favourite pieces of equipment, it will tear through an entire concrete path is half an hour whereas a pick axe would take a full day!

Q. Do I need to check anything before the digger arrives?

A. The first thing to check is your access; most sites will have a restriction of some sort such as width or height. You need to check what restrictions you may have carefully – remember if the ground is not level where you need to get a machine through a gap, it will tilt to one side. Also remember to include drainpipes or outside taps. The JCB 8008 micro digger is 70 cm wide and with the roll cage folded down it is just 192 cm high, a standard door frame is around 78 cm wide and 200 cm high.

Q. How Powerful is it?

A. Very. Customers are surprised that a one ton micro-digger can still do all the tasks of a 1.5 ton machine. It may take a minute or two longer but the simplicity of the controls and the easy access often mean the micro-digger is the best option. JCB says "small enough to fit through a door but powerful enough to do the work of ten men". Our clients have used it for spreading four tons of gravel on a driveway (completed in just 1 hour). Removing a 25 metre privet hedge (completed in just 3 hours). Mini Digger Cheshire, digging out five overgrown trees (done and dusted in 2 hours). Removed a large amount of soil to create a new driveway.

Q. How loud is it?

A. Not very, the JCB 8008 mini digger it is a professional JCB machine maintained to the highest standards and is no louder than a diesel car. The JCB HTD5 Tracked Dumper and JCB HM25 Hydraulic Concrete Breaker also have diesel engines but are a smaller one cylinder diesel engine type and do make more noise and ear protectors must be worn during use.

Q. What do I need to check before digging?

A. You need to check for underground obstructions and services such as gas, electricity, water and telephone before starting any excavation. Most services are located below 600mm and will have a warning tape but older services may not be this deep.

Q. What size digger buckets do you have?

A. We have 8" (200 mm), 10" (250 mm), 15" (380 mm) and 27" (700mm) Buckets. There is no charge for the first bucket and a small charge for each additional one.

Q. Do you have anything else for hire?

A. Yes, we now offer a JCB tracked dumper which can raise the full load up into a full size skip and we have one of the most powerful hand-held breakers available that is ideal if you are removing concrete. See our price list for details, all our equipment runs on diesel so it can be used on building sites and stored safely inside.


Delivery Area

- Under New Ownership - Now renting in more locations including Liverpool, Leigh and Wigan

are based in Wigan WN6 7TN . We deliver up to 25 miles from these locations. Please call David for quote if more then 25 Miles 07957004816.  We provide mini digger hire in Wigan, leigh, Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool, Merseyside, Chester and the Wirral


Please refer to the radius map below to see if we cover your area:


Thicknesse Avenue Wigan WN6 8PW, Company Number 8619955.